Jul 23, 2019

Which are the active seed VC funds in Poland?

“You are at a too early stage for us”, 

“Currently we do not invest”, 

“Too little traction”, 

“This is not a stage for VC” 

– as a founder of a startup looking for funding, you often get such answers from seed VC in Poland. Finding the investor is difficult and time-consuming and distracts from doing business. Otherwise a simple task such to create a shortlist of seed VC investors here in Poland nowadays become a real challenge.



  • seed VC ecosystem in Poland is still young but very dynamic with
  • many new seed VC’s popping up every couple of months, 
  • driven mainly by government LP’s such as PFR Ventures and NCBiR
  • investment capability of some of the announced and/or listed seed VC’s in Poland are delayed or never happen due to operational or legal complications  



The search for a suitable seed VC fund in Poland takes time and effort, during which you often contact funds that:

  • no longer invest, 
  • not investing yet, 
  • or the ones that invest in projects at an earlier or later stage of development than yours.


Maybe, similar to other startup founders in Poland and the region, you do not know where to start looking for capital, or you do not know the VC’s and the specifics of the local markets. The problem has become particularly significant in recent years when a lot of new VC funds have been created in Poland, and previously active funds are no longer investing in startups. Dynamic changes in the market require to stay up to date with the VC industry, which most entrepreneurs do not have time.

In bValue we receive projects at the concept stage that exist only on PowerPoint slides and founders’ imagination, as well as projects with a monthly income of several million euros. Our mission is to support companies from Poland and the CEE region so that the best companies can find the right match with the adequate investor.

In order to facilitate this process, we prepared the list of Active Seed VC funds in Poland (and below). Our definition of an “active VC” means the one that made at least 2 seed/early stage investments in the last 12 months based on publicly available information. We take this arbitrary assumptions in order to limit the list to those Polish seed VC’s that are currently operating and are “on fire” ready to deploy capital without unnecessary delay subject to their investment process. 

  • bValue VC
  • AgriTech Hub
  • Alfabeat
  • Aria
  • ArkleyBrinc
  • Bitbspitration Booster
  • Black Pearls
  • Data Ventures
  • Experior
  • Fidiasz
  • Hub:raum
  • InnoEnergy
  • Innovation Nest
  • Inovo Venture Partners
  • INventures
  • KnowledgeHub
  • Kogito Ventures
  • Kvarko
  • Leonarto
  • Luma Investments
  • mAccelerator
  • MarketOneCapital
  • OTB
  • RTA Ventures
  • Simpact Fund
  • Speedup
  • TDJ Pitango
  • Xevin Investments
  • YouNick Mint


We are aware that the list may be incomplete with especially those newly established VC’s that are just starting their investments through PFR and NCBiR programs. Therefore, we will update the list on a regular basis in order to make this list dynamic and most up to date. Still, unintentionally we can omit some funds which are more low profile or not disclose their investments. If you notice any obvious omissions please let us know on

If your project fits in with the listed characteristics, we encourage you to submit your project to and to other funds from our list. You may want to try with the funds that you don’t like or is less likely they will invest, and then after you waste their time be better prepared for the funds you really like 🙂 Each fund has its own criteria and specifics, which is why negative feedback from one fund should not discourage you, but rather encourage you to try the others.


Maciej Balsewicz

CEO and Managing Partner of

Passionate about technological innovation and entrepreneurship. He has 12 years of operational and investment experience in VC and PE. Former vice-chairman of Inpost Paczkomaty, and earlier the CFO at easyPack, where he managed operations on 15 markets and was responsible for obtaining financing for the international expansion of the total amount of EUR 200 million.