May 20, 2021

Investment in BerlinGreen

Modern customers prefer ecological, healthy and locally produced green plants, rather than their imported greenhouse counterparts. But locally grown plants are not always easy to procure. At some point, all city dwellers wonder if they could just grow some mint, basil, or tomatoes inside their apartment or home, but the thought quickly dissipates because they’ll just die, watering is a hassle, there’s no steady flow of sunlight, no space, the list of hassles continues. Indoor farming has been the sole province of those blessed with green thumbs and elite hipsters. Until now. 

Enter smart indoor farming. BerlinGreen offers technologically enhanced environments for plants to thrive all year round. Wooden, laser-cut boxes with LED lights that simulate sunshine and connect to your mobile phone with a Bluetooth app that delivers information on humidity, temperature and growth cycles and water plants automatically. 

Other features include: 

  • Automated daylight system, with a possibility to customize warmth and duration, providing best-growing conditions regardless of the season.
  • Automated watering system for all types of plants. The user just needs to add water to the tank, and then the water is distributed to the plants in the amounts exactly needed by them. 
  • The app connects via IoT with the box enabling various notifications and changing of settings  (temperature,  water supply, harvest period,  cultivation periods and many more planned for future release). But most importantly it allows for purchase (subscription or one-time) of plant plugs fitted with herbs and green plants, with various combinations. 
  • IoT integrations with other smart house appliances and the ability to connect to multiple BerlinGreen devices – this last feature might be especially interesting for employers looking for quick ways to make their office greener without having to worry about upkeep. 

BerlinGreen is structured as a B2C, with the one-time sale of devices and subscription revenue through plant pods supplied in specified by your requirements timeframes. The company will add additional products and features in the app, which becomes not only your device dashboard but also direct communication software with BerlinGreen.

The targeted customer base includes urban hipsters, families with kids looking for organic food, offices and everyone who always wondered if they could grow their own mint. 

The founders Olga Błaszak and Filip Wawrzyniak hail from Poland but are currently based in Berlin. They share a passion for designing smarter, healthier cities and by extension, societies — from glass-offices and dark apartments into green, healthy and climate-positive environments. Olga and Filip divide their responsibilities according to their experiences and competencies and complement each other well, supported by specialists in IT, marketing and production. BerlinGreen is headquartered in the European mecha of hardware: Berlin’s MotionLab. 

Today, we are very excited to announce that bValue has invested in BerlinGreen, joining 6 other angel investors from Berlin’s vibrant startup ecosystem. The investment is to fuel both scaling of production as well as new team hires. Naturally, bValue is ready with counsel and partnership every step of the way. 


Marcel Animucki

Investment Manager at bValue VC

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