Sep 06, 2019

Reverse vesting

How to save a startup from its founders, avoid potential conflicts between people in charge and, above all, how to have the cap table under control since the start to avoid the risk of building an uninvestable startup.   In my recent article about the uninvestable startup here, I have defined the most common problems which startups are facing in the regards to their cap and prevention ...
Aug 27, 2019

Overview, Q2’19 European VC Landscape

In Q2'19 European VC-backed companies raised $8.7B across 825 deals as compared to nearly $7B in Q2’18. Among 10 largest European VC deals in Q2’19 there were: 1. Deliveroo $575M, London, (online food delivery platform), Series G 2. AUTO1 Group, $535.9M, Berlin (connects buyers and sellers of cars via an online platform), Late stage VC 3. GetYourGuide, $484M, Berlin (online platform...
Jul 23, 2019

Which are the active seed VC funds in Poland?

"You are at a too early stage for us",  "Currently we do not invest",  "Too little traction",  "This is not a stage for VC"  - as a founder of a startup looking for funding, you often get such answers from seed VC in Poland. Finding the investor is difficult and time-consuming and distracts from doing business. Otherwise a simple task such to create a shortlist of seed VC investors he...
Jul 23, 2019

Uninvestable Startup. How to fix a broken cap table?

“Mistakes were made”, and some of them are not that easy to fix. What to be aware of, when you are creating your first startup, and how to keep your business attractive for the investors? More often than I would like to, I meet uninvestable startups. These companies, despite having a good technology and team, are unable to attract new investors due to their ownership structure. The obstac...
Jul 23, 2019

How to Build a Pricing Strategy for SaaS 

If pricing is the foundation for the growth of a SaaS company, why is it so underestimated? Companies fight to create the perfect product and spend countless hours with limited resources to acquire new customers. Nevertheless, most SaaS do not know what is the real value for their clients and how to communicate it. If a company does not have a pricing strategy, it probably does not fully und...
Jul 01, 2019

Is a bigger VC round a bigger problem?

In the VC ecosystem that is currently evolving Poland and the region, many models are copied one-to-one from the US market, in which VC funds existed for years. These models originate from the environment of the distinctive local market and when they reach us, they are not always adapted to the Polish specificity. Currently, many new VC funds are launched in Poland and this asymmetry can be ...
May 22, 2019

Today we would like to introduce you to Advise, our joint venture with Landingi