Feb 21, 2020

Active Seed Funds in Poland – Q1 2020

In the most popular article so far on our blog (here) we have shared with you a list of the most active VC funds in Poland investing at the seed stage. As this article received a very positive reception and a lot has been happening on the Polish VC market since last year’s holidays, we decided to create a new, updated version of the list for you.

And what exactly has changed during those few months of time? The year 2019 was a record year in terms of capital invested in Polish startups, which you can read more about in the report prepared by our colleagues from PFR Ventures and Inovo (here). In 2019, Polish startups received financing totaling PLN 1.26 billion, which is more than 8 times more than in 2018, when the total amount of investments amounted to PLN 156 million. Such a high total value last year was notable for Docplanner’s mega-round, which obtained financing of 344 million PLN. Other noteworthy investments were rounds carried out by Books and Brainly, in both cases amounting to about 115 million PLN. A very important factor was also the start of investments by new VC funds financing under the PFR Ventures programs. In total, in 2019, all funds financed under these programs closed 43 investments. In 2019, funds operating under the Bridge Alfa program were also very active, closing 182 investments.

There are many indications that 2020 will also bring rich investment yields and many domestic startups will receive funding from VC funds. Nevertheless, the problems faced by funders looking for capital, about which we wrote in our previous article, still remain:
Many once active funds have now ended their investment period and are not looking for new investment targets;
Many funds that have been established in recent months are still struggling to raise capital or with formalities through which they cannot yet conduct active investment activities;
Many funds invest at an earlier or later stage than the one where your startup is.

So if you want to minimize the chances of missing a shot when looking for an investor for your seed-stage startup, we encourage you to check out our latest list of active seed funds in Poland:

  • bValue
  • AgriTech Hub
  • AlfaBeat
  • Aligo Venture
  • ARIA
  • Black Pearls
  • Black Swan
  • Cogito Capital
  • Corvus Ventures
  • Finch Capital
  • Inno Energy
  • Innovation Nest
  • InnoVentures
  • Inovo
  • INventures
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Kogito Ventures
  • Kvarko
  • LT Capital
  • MOC
  • Montis
  • OTB
  • RST Ventures
  • RTA Ventures
  • Simpact VC
  • SMOK Ventures
  • SpeedUp
  • Spinaker Alfa
  • Sunfish Partners
  • TDJ Pitango


Active Polish VC, Q1

Just as last year, we have now adopted as a criterion of activity at least two investments in the last 12 months. Due to the record number of investments that took place during this period, we could, contrary to our intentions, omit any fund that meets this criterion. So if you represent such a fund, or have noticed that it is missing from our list, please let us know at and we will gladly add it to the list.

If you represent a start-up looking for capital, don’t hesitate to send a description of your project to selected funds on the list. In particular, we encourage you to contact us via We can’t testify for others, but we will respond to every application we receive 😉

Remember also that each fund has its own specific requirements and is looking for a different kind of projects. Therefore, if you receive a negative response from one of the funds, you should definitely not be discouraged from applying to others.


Błażej Bereta

Investment Manager @ bValue VC