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Miłosz Ryniecki

Damian Sałkowski

Tytus Gołas

Konrad Dymek

Olga Błaszak & Filip Wawrzyniak

Joanna Worotyńska

Kaja Rybicka & Marek Gut

Dawid Mędrek

Marcin Hajdul

Since 2016 we are proud to become the first institutional investors in companies like: Tidio, Purella, PushPushGo, Senuto, Fluentbe, YourKaya, Deligoo and many others.

We usually invest between €0.2-1m in Poland and Central Europe.

We are tireless to help companies to grow and we don’t like to talk too much about this.

Most founders we work with find their exit to strategic acquirer or raise the following VC rounds.

We strongly believe the best knowledge and advice come from your peers.

Therefore, we strive for building a real community among our portfolio, advisors, partners, and friends.


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Tidio is a live chat powered with bots to increase sales by skyrocketing communication with customers.

CallPage provide callback solution for businesses and allows to create a new channel for lead generation.

Fluentbe is a online platform for English students.
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