#You bring ideas. Together We build Value 

We are angels venture capital firm investing in entrepreneurs that push the edge of what is possible.

We leverage wisdom and experience of our angels and fund’s team to identify and grow

exceptional companies to become European champions in digital space.



We invest in early stage companies, often as a first institutional investor, in so called seed or pre-series . Typical investment size 250k – 1m EUR in pre-series A and below 250k EUR in seed.


We are searching primarily for start-ups  from CEE region which can scaled-up and internationalize with our support. We have network of partners and entrepreneurs in CEE and Baltics, where we will be also looking for best projects. We are based in Warsaw but we invest in whole CEE region


We are looking primarily for start-ups that can be boosted through our industrial and angels network. We focus on startups that contribute to enterprise digitalization. We see still great potential in e-commerce.


Not more than 20% of Fund’s commitment allocated to 1 investment.

20-30 portfolio companies  to ensure reach, but also focus and quality management

Leverage synergies with bValue angels including lead generation and know-how

Gain value from know-how sharing and co-operation within portfolio

Possible follow-on investment in the bValue seed investments

Co-investment with Tier-1 funds with clear exit strategy

80%-20% split of investments Poland-other CEE



The bValue ECOSYSTEM provides access to the scientific and start-up communities abroad and in the country. It is a great difference when one can work with other people who face the same challenge. More than 2000 projects have gone through our network of Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości and business angels who work with us. It gives an exceptional base of experience.


As a part of the benefits of being a member of the bValue ECOSYSTEM, a company founder or a scientist can access a database of more than 30 entrepreneurss, mentors and men of science in various fields, such as: trade, production, IT, R&D, finances or law. The capitalisation of the companies whose creators are members of the Fund’s teams or invest in the Fund, is estimated to be about 3 billion PLN.


We are supported by angels & investors who founded or co-founded global Polish businesses worth in aggregate over 1bn EUR. We have been cooperating with Polish companies and capital groups, which we supported in the development of the in-house R&D/CVC departments and for which we have been seeking investment projects. Thanks to this network, we are ready to assess and support the commercial potential of a particular project.


We are able to find a matching investor for a particular project so the chosen investor can bring the added value to the company we were invest in. Moreover, in the bValue Fund, we create a separate fund which is entirely financed from the private capital with a maximum value of 30 million PLN.

Hands-on support

We create interdisciplinary teams. Every team consists of people who work on max. 4 projects at the same time, so it gives a chance for the real contribution and building the value. We work with entrepreneurs and scientists – we help them achieve the results and implement the strategy.